How do bb users see iphone emoticons

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I think I can`t give you the full answer what do all blackberry messenger emoticons mean as it`ll be a very long list. So I will give you several tips about blackberry .
IPhone :: SMS Helper - Count Characters In An SMS (Cydia) IPhone :: 4 : Where To Get Special Characters And Emoticons; BB Bold 9650 :: Jumbled Text Characters - No Emoticons .
Ashish Mehraa I like blogging, its my hobby.. I do it anytime I'm free.. I like to share useful & randomly funny stuff sometimes which made How do bb users see iphone emoticons me laugh :) Im a .
Welcome to Apple iPhone news and Chat discussion forums.iPhone Discussions is dedicated to iPhone 4,iPhone 3G,iPhone Apps,iPhone reviews,iPhone Support, iPhone news .
Best Answer: There's an emoticon app. It's called "Emoji." . It's a 99 cent app called iEmoji. There are a few other apps like this one, but iEmoji is .
is there a way to put more emotions, via app, on BBM. sorta like how Fancy Characters works..
Just changed from iPhone to Galaxy s2. Idiot proof way of texting emoticons to ALL other phones PLEASE help me I have NO idea what I`m doing? My husband and I have just .
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How do bb users see iphone emoticons

> Features Request and Suggestion . Smilies inserted in any native VBulletin message are not shown on the IPhone client . Originally Posted by pjc .
Tried to Google this but couldn't find anything close. My gf uses a Blackberry and . No really - I need to know this answer too - is there really no way to convert .
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Hello, I sometimes get sms text messages from people using an iPhone which occasionally also use all sorts of specific emoticons which in android are
IPhone :: Use The Emoji Application To Unlock The Emoji Emoticon Keyboard Set Does anyone know if use the emoji application to unlock the emoji emoticon keyboard set, if .
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I have friends with iPhone, sending me txt with pics. They never come through on my droid. Using hand cent. Do not have this issue with verizonnusers.
unfortunately no, but what you CAN do is memorize what each of those stand for
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